December 19, 2018 Firmware Release

This version of the firmware adds support for the latest hardware revisions. No other changes have been made to this version.

Firmware File for Firmware Version 20181219

PacketFlux MIBs for all RackInjector versions so far (with SNMP support)

July 26, 2018 Firmware Release

The primary additional feature of this version is SNMP support.

Version 20180726 also corrects a minor bug from version 20180708 where some of the SNMP settings were not able to be changed in the web interface.

Release notes and an updated manual for this version will be available in the near future.

The following files are being made available for those customers who would like to try this version before the updated documentation is available.

Firmware File for Firmware Version 20180726

May 7, 2018 Firmware Release

The release notes, updated firmware manual, and firmware file for this previous version is available below.

Release Notes for Firmware Version 20180507

Firmware Operation Manual for Firmware Version 20180507

Firmware File for Firmware Version 20180507

Product Documentation

The .pdf files below contain the documentation for the PacketFlux RackInjector.

As this is a new product for us, we would appreciate feedback
about any problems encountered so that we can fix any issues.

Our customer service email is

Hardware Installation Manual

Firmware Operation Manual

PowerInjector Plus Sync Board Appendix