Note: The documentation on this page refers to the SiteMonitor Base3 Classic, and not any earlier SiteMonitor version.

Documentation for earlier SiteMonitors are available through our main support webpage.

Product Documentation

We are currently in the process of finishing up the early documentation. As the documentation becomes available it will appear here.

As this process is taking a lot longer than we hoped, we have decided to release the appendixes of the manual in a rough form below. These appendixes contain the main differences between the Base 3 and the earlier versions of the Base Unit, and also explains the procedure necessary to upgrade a site using an earlier Base Unit to the newer Base 3. Customers familiar with the earlier base units should be able to use this documentation to get going on implementing the Base 3.

An additional resource which may be useful is the RackInjector documentation at The user interface of the RackInjector is very similar to the SiteMonitor Base 3, so understanding the RackInjector interface will help users to understand the Base 3.

We continue to work through getting the full manual set out, and we continue to expect that it won't be much longer. But, if there is anything that the first part of 2020 has taught us it is that any expectations can just be thrown out the window since nothing in 2020 has been as expected.

ROUGH DRAFT of the Upgrade Appendixes in the Base 3 Manual

Expansion Module Support Status for Firmware 2020-10-01


The following file contains all of the PacketFlux MIB files which can be loaded into some SNMP management tools to simplify polling and interpretation of the information available from each device.

PacketFlux MIBs file version 20201001

Current Firmware

2020-10-01 Firmware Release


This firmware adds support for additional expansion modules. We recommend using this firmware for any new deployments of a Base 3 (including upgrades from the Base 2). We also recommend upgrading to this firmware for any customer who has a Base 3 deployment containing a module which is newly supported in this version

However, users with base 3's currently deployed which are working may want to delay upgrading deployed units until this firmware has been field-proven for a length of time.


Note: Our development team and tech support will be only intermittently available until October 7th, 2020 due to them taking some well deserved time off. As such, we'd recommend that any upgrades which may require prompt response to any discovered bugs to be delayed until after that date.

Firmware File for Firmware Version 2020-10-01

Previous Firmware

2020-06-08 Firmware Release

This firmware fixes a critical error where not all of the configuration was restored after a power cycle. Due to the critical nature of this fix, we have removed the previous firmware version image, and this should be treated as the initial firmware release for the Base 3.

Firmware File for Firmware Version 2020-06-08

Factory Reset Instructions and Recovery Image

The following file describes the factory reset procedure for the SiteMonitor Base 3 Classic

Factory Reset Instructions

The following file is the recovery image for the SiteMonitor Base 3 Classic. Please read the instructions above to determine if this is needed in your situation

Recovery Image Version 2020-10-01